Sermons, Audio, and Video

Faithful Podcast: Intro

Click here to listen to Faithful on Anchor or check it out on Spotify. If you are a pastor or church member and you’d like me to pray for you on my program, please use the MESSAGE feature on Anchor or send me a comment through by website.

Fulfilling Joy as Believers Philippians 2:1-4

August 25, 2022; Green Valley Ascn Annual Meeting

Cultivating Leaders: A Study in Disciplemaking with Timothy

Sermon 2 of 4 in Cultivating Leaders

Acts 16:1-5

Cultivating Leaders: A Case Study in Disciplemaking with John Mark

Sermon 1 of 4

Acts 13:5

Missions as Worship

Acts 13:1-5

Why Share the Gospel: A Lecture to UC Students.

Various Scripture Verses

Unity+An Equipped Church=A Different Walk

Eph 4:17-24

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