Welcoming New Neighbors

6 minute read In the summer of 1988, we took a family vacation from our hometown in Carver Massachusetts to Paris, Tennessee. The vacation turned into a quest for a new home My parents had been looking for a new place to live and raise their three children for a multitude of reasons. We touredContinue reading “Welcoming New Neighbors”

Understanding the Christian term “Breakthrough”

8 minute read. Last year I had blocked out some time to do some evangelism on the NeedHim.org platform. I was encouraging a believer and when I offered prayer this person said, “pray that I have breakthrough.” Even though I thought I knew what it meant, I asked him/her, “what does this mean? What exactlyContinue reading “Understanding the Christian term “Breakthrough””


A Word of Encouragement for My Chinese Brothers and Sisters. I’m currently listening to Faith in the Wilderness by Hannah Nation and Simon Liu. It’s highly convicting. This book reminds me that there are faithful brothers and sisters throughout the world who hold fast to the teachings of Christ and deeply love His Word, abideContinue reading “給我的中國兄弟姐妹的話”