Organic/House Church: 6 Model Summary

A paper written for Dr. Tom Johnston’s Church Evangelism course in 2010. Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to study church planting as part of my course requirements for a degree in North American Church Planting. I have learned about many different models, have listened in on various seminars, and haveContinue reading “Organic/House Church: 6 Model Summary”

Church Planters, Study Past Leaders!

Two Key Leaders Every Planter Should Study I love history! I’m the guy who pulls over and reads the old roadside historical markers when I travel. I am often reading a biography of one of our nation’s heroes (I’m currently reading John Adams by David McCullough). And who doesn’t like to watch YouTube videos onContinue reading “Church Planters, Study Past Leaders!”

2 Takeaways from 20 Years in Ministry

It’s hard to believe the 20 year marker in ministry is almost here. It seems like yesterday that I felt the Lord’s call early that Monday morning in 2001. Our daughter was 2, our son was only a few months old and I didn’t have a clue about anything! It’s funny how time, experience, andContinue reading “2 Takeaways from 20 Years in Ministry”

4 Church Planting Essentials Every Planter Needs

My friend and mentor, Dr. Charles Brock, went on to be with the Lord in November 2018. Although I only knew him as an older man, we spent enough time together for me to live vicariously into his past through his accounts of planting as an 18-year-old in rural Missouri and his adventures of startingContinue reading “4 Church Planting Essentials Every Planter Needs”