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Here, you will find my sermons and outlines, selected articles, videos, and audio recordings of my favorite discipleship resources. Scroll below to learn more about biblical case studies in discipleship/making featuring the Apostle Paul and:

John Mark, Timothy, Titus, and Onesimus

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Disciplemaking Online Cohort: Late Summer/Early Fall

Starting on Monday evening August 8th at 7:30pCST and continuing through September I’ll be hosting a disciplemakers online cohort. Each session will be an hour and we will have six sessions. We will spend time each week talking discipleship, encouraging one another, and praying for one another. Here are a list of proposed topics:

Baby Steps-How do I begin discipling another? Where do I find someone to pour into? Do I need someone to disciple me?

Reproduction-Why do some reproduce and others don’t? MAWL. Training effective disciplemakers. 2 Tim 2:2 principles. Reproducing what we teach: Organic disciplemaking/structured discipleship. The problem with pastors/elders as disciplemakers and the opportunities afforded to the pastor/elder.

Personal Growth as a Disciplemaker: Time with the Lord. Prayer (hearing and listening). Seminary, Bible College, and local church training. Goals (healthy vs. unhealthy. Disciplines.

Discipleship, kids, and teens: What we did right, wrong, and how others helped us.

Evangelism and Disciplemaking=church health (and church planting)

Making an Action Plan and Moving Forward: What will you do and how will you do it? Let’s plan on a follow-up meeting for those interested in a month or so following.

Come for a meeting, two, or all. 🙂 I’ll be posting a Zoom link here this summer. Please connect with me for more information.

Topical Sermon Series: cultivating leaders: a case study

  • John Mark (Acts 12:12, 25; 13:5)
    • This sermon outlines Faithful, Available, Teachable, and Reproducible and John Mark’s journey as a disciple/maker.
    • Audio/Video of Sermon Preached
    • Listen to Pastors GJ and Jonathan discuss disciplemaking using excerpts from Toby’s sermon.
  • Timothy (Acts 16:1-5)
    • This sermon shows how Timothy can encourage believers today to utilize some disciplemaking principles to be effective in becoming a 4G (fourth generation) disciplemaker (2 Tim 2:2).
    • Sermon Outline for Preaching
    • Audio/Video of Sermon Preached (Coming Soon)
  • Titus (Titus?)
    • Sermon Outline for Preaching
    • Audio/Video of Sermon Preached (Coming Soon)
  • Onesimus (Philemon)
    • Sermon Outline for Preaching
    • Audio/Video of Sermon Preached (Coming Soon)

selected articles, audio, and video

In this Google Drive folder I have been slowly collecting articles that have impacted my disciplemaking habits and thinking. You will also find several of my documents; both completed and working, that I use to help leaders and think through disciplemaking issues.

Feel free to download and use them as you see fit. If you are using any of this material in a sermon or academic paper, please cite the appropriate source.

Learn about connecting with another believer through this Discipleship Bait article.

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The files in this folder contain audio and video files and links. Some are from others who have influenced my disciplemaking habits and others are ones I have produced. Please let me know if you have been blessed by any of this material by contacting me on the the “About” page.

Annotated Bibliography

This Google Doc contains a list of my favorite resources for discipleship/making. I have made annotated notes under each resource describing it’s value to me, why I use it, and how I use it. Much of this bibliography is borrowed from two other websites who are cited within the article.

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