Witnessing Tips for the Shy Christian

“I’m super introverted, really shy, and would rather be alone than with others. Sharing my faith is hard for me!” I hear this all the time! This does not describe me, but it is close! I am comfortable in front of people, need human connection, and desire relationships with others, but…

I tend to get overwhelmed in very large groups.

I do not speak first in places where I’m new or unfamiliar.

I have an “on” personality and an “off” one. When I’m speaking, leading, teaching, or representing my work I’m “on.” This tends to drain me. The “off” Toby can be found alone in my car, at home, or with people that I can literally say anything without judgment. I’m filled up in this way.

Most people can describe themselves in this way (sort of!). Many times we use our personality as an excuse to not share the gospel. We talk to strangers about everything, but the one thing that really matters. We don’t have to a pastor, an evangelist, or be gifted in sharing our faith. We are all called to share! (See Matthew’s gospel and how he bookends his work with Jesus’ statements in 4:19 and 28:18-20. We are called by Him to follow and to obey Him!)

Here are 7 different methods of evangelism you might try as a shy Christian:

  1. Tract Distribution: Let’s pretend you are on a fixed income, do not leave the house very often, and are not confident in your ability to share the Gospel. Tract distribution may be the ministry for you! If you only give out 10 per week and only one person came to Christ for every 1,000 tracts you gave out, you’d have won a person to Christ every 2 years doing this ministry! The GNFY! tracts only cost around .07 each. This is a yearly cost to you of only $37. Imagine if 75 people at your local church did this. In the span of 10 years, your church would win over 750 people to Christ simply by sharing a tract. You might say, “That’s not very realistic.” You might be right, but what if I’m half/quarter/eighth correct? Still pretty good! Frank Jenner is a great example of this type of ministry!
    • Leave them at the gas pump.
    • Give them to a waiter/waitress with a generous tip.
    • Hand them to people at the doctor’s office. One of my mentors would visit the oncologists office each week to pray for the patients and hand out Good News For You! booklets. Everyone was so happy to see him and receive a book.
    • Set up a “Free, Take One” box at funeral homes, hospitals, and with friends who own shops.
    • Put them in library books as a bookmark for the next person.
    • Give them to people who knock on your door. Keep a small stash by the door and be ready! My friend Matt has an evangelism rule he calls, “The Homestead Rule.” If you step on his property, he is going to share the gospel with you.
    • Ask your cashier, “Did you receive one of these today?”
  2. Prayer Evangelism 
  • Prayer bookmarks-Use my Fisherman’s Prayer bookmark to record up to nine lost/unchurched names on one side and four evangelistic prayer points on the back.
  • Ask people, “How can I pray for you today?” As you pray for their need/request, include the gospel.
  • Invitation to pray via social media
  • Prayer/evangelistic thank you notes
  • Organize an evangelistic prayer team at church before the service
  1. One on One Discipleship/D-Groups
  • Intentionally training other believers to share their faith (you are encouraged too!)
  • Start a cohort with others-read a book together (one chapter a month with a different person leading) You might choose theology, missions, evangelism, leadership, or any other topic. I’ve used Brock’s Good News For You! seven-week Bible study and have done this one-on-one and in groups of 5-10.
  1. Booth Evangelism-Set up a table and offer free gospel materials at: (Okay, maybe this one pushes the limit for you, but maybe not! Set up a table, provide materials, take a seat and smile.)
  • Set up at your local mall.
  • Outside gas stations and Dollar Stores (My friend Ryan got permission to set up outside a Wal-Mart and was able to share the gospel freely!)
  • Community events such as festivals, health screenings, or parade
  1. Social media evangelism 
  • Post your testimony and ask those interested to PM you for more information.
  • Share evangelistic videos produced by others.
  • Share evangelistic Bible verses.
  1. Neighbor Evangelism
    • Most of us don’t know our neighbors very well. Use www.blesseveryhome.com to pray for five different neighbors everyday. As you pray for them, you can use their platform to help you keep track of those you’ve prayed, shared, and discipled.
    • Use the major holidays throughout the year to drop off a gift, ask for prayer requests, or share the hope you have in Christ.
    • Pay attention to special events in the lives of your neighbors: births, graduations, new movers, etc. Congratulate your neighbor, offer help, and use a Pocket Testament League Gospel of John to share the hope you have in Christ.
  2. Online Platforms
    • NeedHim.org provides a great way for you to share your faith by text, chat, or if you are feeling saucy; by phone! It takes about an hour or so to sign up and you can chat for an hour in the evening, before work, or take 30 minutes on your lunch break to practice sharing with people from all over the world.

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