Practical Help for the New Church Planter

Those new to church planting ask a lot of questions. And they should! Here are a few ways I encourage new and prospective planters/replanters as they begin their journey. 1. Begin with prayer. Pray while you read scripture and discern your calling. Pray that the Lord will make you a bold evangelist. You will notContinue reading “Practical Help for the New Church Planter”

Partnering with Planters/Apprentices in a Pandemic

The KBC annual meeting was held in Owensboro this year and included a scaled-back slate of events; and of course, social distancing, mask wearing, and plenty of hand sanitizer. Kentucky Baptists from all over the state gathered to hear reports on mission work, evangelistic efforts, and to praise the Lord for those we as aContinue reading “Partnering with Planters/Apprentices in a Pandemic”

Organic/House Church: 6 Model Summary

A paper written for Dr. Tom Johnston’s Church Evangelism course in 2010. Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to study church planting as part of my course requirements for a degree in North American Church Planting. I have learned about many different models, have listened in on various seminars, and haveContinue reading “Organic/House Church: 6 Model Summary”

Church Planters, Study Past Leaders!

Two Key Leaders Every Planter Should Study I love history! I’m the guy who pulls over and reads the old roadside historical markers when I travel. I am often reading a biography of one of our nation’s heroes (I’m currently reading John Adams by David McCullough). And who doesn’t like to watch YouTube videos onContinue reading “Church Planters, Study Past Leaders!”

2 Takeaways from 20 Years in Ministry

It’s hard to believe the 20 year marker in ministry is almost here. It seems like yesterday that I felt the Lord’s call early that Monday morning in 2001. Our daughter was 2, our son was only a few months old and I didn’t have a clue about anything! It’s funny how time, experience, andContinue reading “2 Takeaways from 20 Years in Ministry”

4 Church Planting Essentials Every Planter Needs

My friend and mentor, Dr. Charles Brock, went on to be with the Lord in November 2018. Although I only knew him as an older man, we spent enough time together for me to live vicariously into his past through his accounts of planting as an 18-year-old in rural Missouri and his adventures of startingContinue reading “4 Church Planting Essentials Every Planter Needs”