Gospel Tracts I Have Produced

Sometime around 2014, I was asked by Charles Brock to produce a tract version of his Good News for You! booklet. I began to pray, which led me to begin brainstorming, which led me to the first tract I produced. I added matt419.net to the mix as an evangelistic site and included the text to the Good News tract. A cowboy church pastor friend of mine in AZ shares this site every week with his church as a way to share the gospel!

Good News For You

GNFY! has been through at least four revisions and includes the English version above, Spanish, Mardi Gras English, and Korean. Good News begins with the bad news first. All have sinned. It then moves toward more bad news and shares the punishment we deserve and will receive, and then shares even more bad news in that there is nothing we can do on our own to be made right with God. The Good News is that Jesus took the punishment for us! We repent, confess our sins, and receive Him as our Savior. We are born again as children of His!

GNFY Old Inside
Cover and Back of Tract
Dirty and rejected Mardi Gras Tract
Korean GNFY

I’ve partnered with the Gospel to Every Home effort with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and produced a Good News tract in KJV that is a quad-fold and allows for a little more space for QR codes and a sample gospel prayer. I really like the quad-fold tract. It will be the one I base my future GNFY tracts on as I like the layout and room for QR codes.


2020 was an interesting year to say the least! One morning I was reading the Bible, praying, and asking the Lord how I could serve Him evangelistically during that tough season. He gave me the idea to produce the “What is Truth?” tract in English and Spanish. I’m extremely grateful for Pastor Jamie Masso who has translated several tracts into Spanish for me. What is Truth? is based on Pontius Pilate’s question of Jesus in John 18:38. Throughout the tract I used quotes from famous people (actors, musicians, and politicians) and end with Pilate’s quote as I share the gospel. Here is a gospel presentation I like to share.

Truth English
Truth Spanish

In 2022 I would like to produce a couple more GNFY tracts. My goal is to have a black and orange one (like the GTEH example in NKJV or ESV) for the fall season and a red and green one for Christmas. Each fall I get asked by friends if I know of a good tract for Halloween. I get mine at LivingWaters, but thought I mind provide some GNFY this year! The same is true for Christmas. Check out the picture of the tracts with little candy canes Concord Baptist did in 2016 and 2017 below! In 2023 my goals are to produce spring and summer themed tracts to have on hand.

GNFY Candy Canes

If you’d like a sample, please let me know. I’ll be happy to send you a few at no charge. I do not sell these, but occasionally people ask for more than a sample. I simply ask for you to donate money toward producing more (I can let you know what one costs me per tract plus shipping). Our KBC Evangelism Team has a few of these to share with churches as well. Over the past 8 years I believe I’ve ordered about 60k tracts; the majority of which have been shared by believers in Kentucky as they engage their friends, neighbors, and daily connections with the gospel. Blessings my friends!

Fall Good News 2022
Inside Fall GNFY 2022

Above are images of my new fall design for the GNFY tract. I’ve went with the “quad tract” to make more space for the language, QR codes, and an area on the back for church information. I’m hoping that the new prayer QR option will be fruitful. Please let me know if you’d like some of these for your harvest party or Halloween bags. The cost is very minimal, I usually ask for cost replacement.

In 2022 I designed this “Thank you for serving me!” tract.


This business card sized tract can be used in many different ways:

Updated Version Front
Updated Version Back
  1. It can be simply given out as a ‘thank you’ when someone does something for you.
  2. Have prayer with a server and let them know they can request more prayer by scanning the QR code on the right.
  3. As you share the gospel with someone who serves you, let them know they can learn more using the QR code to the left.
  4. On the back are more tools. You can use the 3-Circles graph to visually and verbaly share the gospel.
  5. You can also point someone to the QR code that features the 3-Circles YouTube video.

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