Pastor Appreciation: Church Planter Edition

Looking for some ideas to encourage your pastor or group of elders? What about the church planter your church sent, supports, or that is in the town next door? Idea lists abound this time of year! Here are a few…

What not to do… 😉

What church planters want…

They want:

  1. Prayer. Please pray for them AND let them know you are praying for them. This is a good month to sign up to receive an email a week with a different planter and their prayer request. (
  2. A weekend off. Sending church or partnering churches…offer to preach for them. Take the initiative and ask them which weekend works for them. When you arrive, thank the church for their hard work, praise their pastor, and quietly leave a gift for the pastor and family.
  3. A gift card or gift related to a hobby they enjoy. Not one you think they enjoy, but one they actually enjoy.
  4. A meal away from home. You might need to watch some kids and do some sleuthing about his (and wife if married) favorite restaurant. Be sure to be generous enough that you know the entire meal and tip will be taken care of with the gift.
  5. Clothes! Find out where he enjoys shopping and get him a gift card.
  6. A money tree! These are fun and the planter and family can spend it on whatever they want.

If you are looking to bless one of our Kentucky Baptist church planting pastors this year, please contact me or check out this list online.

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